Decals and Stickers for RV’s, 5th Wheels & Trailers

RV’s and Trailers can really show their age. Most of these vehicles are stored outside, where they really take a beating from the sun. All that exposure to the elements can take it’s toll on the decals and stickers — by peeling, cracking and fading out. This makes your RV look past it’s prime.

This isn’t something you just have to live with. Consider a face-lift for your RV or trailer! We now offer a service to replace the tired old decals and vinyl, transforming your vehicle into something that looks great again. When you get home with your new graphics, people might even start asking if you got a new RV!

Getting new decals increases the resale value – another reason to consider decal replacement.

RV and 5th Wheel Sticker Replacement

OEM Decals for RV’s are often hard to find, expensive, or not available at all

Stock decals are sometimes available from the manufacturer for a few years after the RV or Trailer model is introduced. These have to be purchased and installed through the dealer who may charge a lot of money for their purchase and installation. (Typically $2000 and up from the dealers for just the decal set) If the RV or trailer is older than about 4-5 years, there is not much the dealers can offer you for replacement decals.

Getting new Decals made using the old ones

New decals are usually created through a process of retouching photos taken on-site and careful measurements around all the windows and seams. These images are brought into a design file in Photoshop where they are merged and cleaned up. Faded colors can be adjusted, and design elements brought in. After this work is complete, the vinyl can be printed.

Increase Resale Value and Curb Appeal

RVs, Fifth Wheels and Trailers can have a lot of their value judged simply on their first impression. Peeling or faded decals will only decrease value. For example, an investment of $1800 could net you more profit on the final sale price of your RV.

Are you in Dallas, Ft. Worth or another city in East Texas?

Due to the fact that a complete RV or trailer decal replacement takes a few days, we require access to the vehicle. Having the RV or Trailer on site allows us to photograph, clean, peel off the old decals, and then apply the new ones.

Many people will leave their RV with us for a few days for the process to be done. We are fully equipped for RV storage, and can securely keep your RV for the time it takes to swap out the decals. One couple even stayed with us a few nights in their RV while we worked on it!

There are not many shops offering this service, so people from all around East Texas have had us redo their peeling decals.

I am located out the East Texas area, Can you ship to me?

In many cases, yes. We are able to print a set of decals for your RV or trailer and send them to you. There can be some workaround necessary regarding taking accurate measurements for the decals, removal of old ones, and finding an installer once you get the new graphics. Please ask using our contact form or give us a call.

RV and Trailer Types

We can swap the peeling decals and stripes on just about any kind of RV, Travel Trailer, 5th Wheel, Truck Campers, or Pop-ups. We have worked on brands like Keystone, Winnebago, Jayco, Heartland and many others.

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