Custom Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

Go from one of millions to one of a kind!

Turn heads while driving down the street by customizing your ride to make it your own! A patriotic flag, your favorite team’s colors, a sketch you designed… anything you can think of!

Save huge over Repainting costs

Change the color of a vehicle for less than half the cost to paint it. Best thing is, you can remove it if you change your mind!

Full Wraps

Not only for work vehicles, more and more people are using vinyl to completely transform their personal vehicles to match their personality or just make it look more original.

Full custom wraps can be installed in a day or so, and we can do the artwork over the course of a few days to come up with a design that’s based on your ideas, sketches and any other inspiration you show us.

Partial Wraps, Decals, Stripes and Vinyl Lettering

Partial Wraps and Graphics can be use to accent your vehicle while being much less expensive than a complete wrap. Things like Racing Stripes, and colored panels can take the place of an expensive trip to a paint shop.

The design process is much shorter with partial wraps because less time is required to measure and install. Most installs can be done a few hours.

FAQ’s about Vinyl Wraps

How does vinyl affect the paint below?

Vinyl is generally harmless for a factory paint job if removed within 3-4 years and the vehicle is well cared for during this time. Custom paint finishes may fare a little worse when the film is removed. The longer the vinyl is kept on the vehicle, the greater the chance that the underlying paint will be affected by the film. You may even find the underlying paint on a wrapped vehicle to have less scratches and door dings compared to your typical daily driver of the same age after a few years.

Be careful as partial wraps and decals have more exposed edges so they are more susceptible to peeling from Car Wash Wands. Always hold sprayers at least 18″ away. See more about Caring for Vinyl Wraps

Do you offer any kind of warranty?

3M warranties against color fade and adhesion for 3 years and we stand behind that as well.

To what extent will vinyl properly cover damage (ex. rust)?

We can cover most exteriors of vehicles with proper preparations. Meaning if paint is oxidized we would need it to be wet sanded until the paint is smooth enough for adhesion. The films can not cover over peeling paint or rust. Also, the warranty terms may be subject to change without proper initial paint quality.

Pricing Questions? Check out the Vehicle Wraps Pricing Page

Do you offer removal service for old vinyl?

Yes, we do offer removal as well as prep labor for for the new vinyl. Please ask us about your particular vehicle.