Boat Wraps

Customize your Boat!

When you’re out on the water with a couple friends, nothing turns heads quicker than a custom designed boat roaring across the water at full-speed. When you see it paired with a custom-wrapped truck in matching graphics, it really makes a statement.

We’re doing more boat wraps than ever, from Pro Anglers to the guy or girl who likes the boat they’ve got but would like it to be better.

How does having a wrap affect what I can do with my boat?

We answer this and a few other questions in our post here: Boat Wraps – Installation and durability

About vinyl on boats

Vinyl wraps are perfect for boats! They can make you stand out, make your old boat look brand new, or help you sell it to a younger crowd.

We Layer the Vinyl so you can change your design!

Phone numbers or websites may change, and this stuff can be updated with proper planning. Your main color and background artwork can be installed first, then any contact info or sponsor logos can go on top in smaller cutouts of vinyl. This allows you to replace the individual pieces of the design — without the need to redo the whole thing.

This may add slightly to the square footage and cost of the project, but gives you the most flexibility.

Pricing for Boat Wraps

Packages start at $600 for a complete boat wrap on a typical 16′ fishing boat with custom artwork — designed and installed. This is dependent on the condition of the surface and other factors.

Pricing for Wraps

Learn how we go from a sketch to a finished design!
The Par 3 Wraps Process – From Concept to Installation