Taking Reference Photos for Graphics and Decals

This is how to take reference photos to get an estimate or for having decals re-created and printed.
If you provide us with good, accurate photos, we can get your job done quicker.
Photos taken with your Smart Phone are OK to use.
Take your photos straight on, avoid angled shots
Please line up directly - with the vehicle, trailer, window or surface to be photographed. Trying to correct the perspective of your photos doesn't always work if they are taken at an angle.
rv wrap how to take photos
Distance - don't take pics when standing too closely
Photos need to be taken from at least 15’ back in most cases, otherwise there is too much lens correction that must be done.
rv wrap stickers measurement photos
What to send us
We require an exact measurement of two points taken from the vehicle. This allows us to calibrate our graphics program to know exactly how large the graphics must be.
It is best to select two points that are part of the vehicle itself. The larger the dimension (say over 48") the more accuracy we can get into our digital files.
You can write your measurement in your email, or use one of these methods:
  • Fast & Easy: Attach a Tape Measure to the vehicle while you take the photo.
  • Use a photo-editing program draw a measurement on the a photo you provide.
  • Print the photo, draw the measurement on it, then take a picture of the printout.
reference measurement photoss
Example: A good description of the Tow Truck above would be: "Rear bottom corner of cab to point where door seam goes up is 54.5 inches"
If you are ready, please fill out our Get a Quote form to submit your photos.