Vehicle Wrap and Graphics Pricing

A few decals with your phone number and website on your hood, tailgate or back window can make a big impact for only a few hundred dollars.
We work hard to provide pricing that is very competitive from what you will find in the East Texas area.

Payment Methods

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Debit cards, Checks and Cash.

About our Pricing Estimates

These figures should be ballpark estimates so you can get an idea of cost for full coverage of a vehicle. An exact quote is only able to be given after measurements are taken and artwork is both complete and approved by you.

Examples of Coverage and Vehicles

  • Smaller Window and Door GraphicsApprox.
  • Company logo on both doors$150 +
  • Racing stripes down center of vehicle $400 +
  • Back Window of Truck$160 +
  • Full WrapsApprox.
  • 2-Door Small Car (Coupe), such as Ford Mustang$2200
  • 4-Door Car (Sedan)$2500
  • Motorcycles$600 +
  • Transit Van$2700
  • Full Size Pickup Truck$3200-$3500
  • Average 21' Bass Fishing boat * 200+ per console extra $2200*
  • Typical 16' Aluminum Fishing Boat$700 +
  • RV Decal ReplacementPlease Contact

Measurement of the square footage

An accurate measurement will account for coverage, waste, and factors specific to the vehicle like how many seams are in the panels. While measuring your vehicle at home can give you a number, these calculations still need to be done by a professional to get the level of accuracy required prior to giving you an estimate. Please let us schedule a time where we can measure your vehicle when you contact us.

Pricing for Fleet Graphics

Discounts are available for multiple vehicles, as well as if they are all the same make and body style. Other pricing factors include whether we install the graphics ourselves or if they are simply packaged and sent to you. Please visit Company Vehicle Wraps and Fleet Graphics to learn more about our Fleet options.

Cost Elements for Wraps with Full or Partial Coverage

The square footage

The surface to be covered is a factor — this affects cost of materials, and time required for installation

Type of Vinyl Film

What parts are covered in regular, pre-printed (carbon fiber etc.) or perforated window type.

Custom design work

A simple door-mounted logo vs. a full custom wrap will have more labor involved. See more about the design phase here:

Removal of old vinyl

The condition and quality of the existing vinyl must be taken into account, as some types will come off with minimal effort, and others may leave adhesive and be much harder to remove.
Removal of Vinyl on vehicle