Our Process – Design to Installation

Step 1: Initial Consultation and Meeting

Meet us at the Shop

We usually meet with clients in person at our shop to look over your vehicle and take all of the detailed measurements necessary to give an accurate quote, and ask you a few questions about what you're after. We'll inspect the condition of the vehicle's surface to make sure things are all good in that department.
At this stage we're interested in hearing your ideas on how to approach the creative design, and what your goals are with your advertising.

We'll ask you things like:

  • Do you want your phone number or website URL visible from a distance?
  • What is your budget and intended level of vinyl coverage?

Sending us Photos

If you would like to have us recreate your existing RV decals or other graphics that may have faded or deteriorated, we need reference photos to digitally design the new ones. Please have a look at our Photo Taking Guidelines for how to shoot them.

What to Bring in

We want to see your ideas! Bring in your pictures and sketches that helps illustrate your vision so we can start our own drawings. This helps us quickly get going on artwork for the project.
Your Company Logo - If it's for a commercial vehicle, bring your company logo or font files for lettering we can use. Other examples of existing company identity materials like brochures also help us match up color schemes or existing design work.
A Digital File of the logo in a vector format (such as Adobe Illustrator, EPS, etc.) or hi-resolution Photoshop file will be helpful. This can cut costs and save time if nothing needs to be re-created by us.

Step 2: Creative Design Phase

Working Rough Concepts into Workable Files

We try to get started with your design mockups as soon as possible. The process generally takes a couple hours to build a working mockup of your design overlayed on a scaled template of your vehicle. Once that's done, we’ll send it over by email so you can have a look.
At this stage we're interested in hearing your ideas on how to approach the creative design, and what your goals are with your advertising.

Revisions and Adjustments

After the estimate and initial artwork is approved, we can make changes to the design and lettering as needed. This is usually done via email. Once the final artwork is approved, the creative phase is done.

Design Phase FAQ's

Is there a limit to the number of revisions/changes that are allowed?
- Our general rule is 3 rounds of revisions, after which we will have to speak with you about additional charges. If the design work is taking longer than it should and then we can suggest alternate solutions.
Is there any kind of release or contract to sign before you start working on my vehicle?
- Yes, it there is a signed release document that must be signed, which says Par 3 Wraps is not responsible for any typo's and graphical errors after the customer has proof-read and viewed the art.
Is there a deposit required?
- Yes, there is a deposit required before starting the project. Please ask about when this must be paid as it depends on the circumstances.
RV Full decal strip and rewrapreplacement rv graphics custom

Step 3: Application

Pre-Prep Cleaning

This includes a ton of detail work to ensure the entire vehicle is clean from tar, sap or other contaminants. This process ensures a clean adhesion and also makes it so that if we remove the vinyl, the paint surface will be spot-free and in good condition.

Printing and Cutting

Our printers adds colo and also cut precise lines for any cut graphics. This ensure that all elements of the design line up properly.


Our installers will lay out the material over the area to be covered, then begin pressing the vinyl into the surface with the proper tools. Working from the center outwards, all air bubbles and creases are smoothed out. Once the piece has been covered completely, the excess is neatly trimmed away.

We do Mobile Installs!

Sometimes it is just easier to install graphics on location. If a vehicle is too large for our shop (such as a semi trailer) or if it makes more sense to install the vinyl in place we can do mobile installs.