Boat Wraps – A few questions answered about installation and durablility

While almost everyone has seen what a wrapped Boat looks like, they may not have considered how it affects how you can use your boat.  These are some answers to questions we get from our customers.

Will my wrap be ruined by “beaching” my boat

Wraps are typically not installed that low on the hull, so you can generally beach your boat without touching the wrap, within reason.

What factors will make it so my boat wrap lasts the longest?

Your typical boat is owned longer than a car or truck, so taking care of the wrap is important to keep the investment. Sun exposure is always the greatest factor in how long a wrap will last. Keeping the boat in covered storage will prevent the UV rays and high temperatures from wearing out the material prematurely.

Will reeds or driftwood damage the wrap?

lake driftwood

This can happen, but its usually in the form of a small scratch or tear. Your typical wrap may actually fare better than a gel-coat hull finish in a collision with driftwood. All boat wraps should be seamless and made from a single piece of vinyl that will have less chance of being pulled off.
Reeds and sticks should be avoided in general, but it depends on how low the wrap is installed on the hull.

lindale vinyl boat wraps
All Boat wraps should be installed from a single piece of vinyl

When the wrap is installed, is the hull damaged at all?

If the installer does their job correctly, the hull will not be damaged. Care must be taken in order to not cut the hull with razors. An experienced installer knows this, and will take the utmost of care when cutting material on the boat.

Will the wrap cover up scratches and dings on my boat’s hull?

The wrap will cover most scratches provided the surface is prepped correctly. There must be a smooth surface for proper adhesion. Large dents may need to be fixed or pounded out from the inside in order for the wrap to work.

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