The Benefits of using Vehicle Wraps for your Company Advertising

Having your company vehicles wrapped in your custom logo and identity is an excellent way to build your business every day. It’s like a moving billboard sign that makes you instantly recognizable and displays your contact information to prospective buyers. This can become a new source of leads for your business and help you stand out from your competitors.

Transform your Vehicles into a Powerful Marketing Tool!

One Time Cost – Years of Value

This is probably the biggest benefit for vehicle advertising compared to any other method. It’s hard to think of another advertising method that doesn’t require periodic spending to “re-up” your advertising budget or pay a monthly fee. Printing promotional flyers, renting a billboard for a month, or getting an Advertisement to run in a publication are all things that cost money.
With the one-time spending on a vehicle wrap, you can get over 5+ years of advertising without ever having to pay more money.

Get Thousands of Looks

Without boring you with too many numbers, many reports say that the number of impressions per year for a vehicle in a large urban area runs into the millions. When compared to other advertising methods, that is far and away the highest visibility per dollar spent of almost any other advertising. Your brand gets seen whether the truck is moving or not, and you are getting seen by commuters out on the road — people with jobs who make buying decisions every day.

Advertise With Less Competition

Vehicle advertising is one method that usually gets seen by itself, and not in the sea of competition. When someone does a web search or opens the phone book, they will find you — but unfortunately also find your competitors alongside you. From this point their decision on who to call is based on whom they recognize, not necessarily who’s best. People tend to choose those companies who they are a little familiar with, even if they can’t remember exactly where they saw you before.

Keep Your Drivers More Accountable

Your drivers will know that your company’s professional image is on the line and will speed less, be more courteous on the road and generally operate your vehicle in a safer manner. Your drivers can also act more like sales staff when people ask them about the graphics on the truck!

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